The brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty

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I expect that what he did for trilbys and skinny ties, Peter Doherty (or Pick-Pocket Pete as he will henceforth be known) will also do for top hats and cravats, in light of his recent dalliance with the derelict-dandy style. There is however, a rumour circulating that PPP isn’t such the trend revivalist that he is made out to be and that his latest feat of accessorising is actually down to a group of lads sporting the same look at Glastonbury.

Whatever the truth, I can expect that quite a few of you fancy getting the look yourself. I don’t blame you, because I think Triple P looks rather natty as a 21st century street urchin.

Top hats are actually quite expensive, and to get the full effect of PPP’s you’ll need to "distress" it a bit by crushing down the back. So don’t go spending £500 on an antique titfer, only to go and ruin it in the name of fashion. This one, which is similar to his brushed silk hat, is currently at a reasonable price on eBay.

Cravats were popular for a time during the ’60s and ’70s, so your pa may have a few knocking about between his platforms and paisley shirts, but otherwise it’s an eBay jobby once again. If you want a brand new one, and they’re fairly inexpensive, check out Tom Sawyer Waistcoats for some proper English country-gent style neck wear.