Alexander McQueen’s Samsonite suitcase

Slightly morbid in an Ed Gein kinda way, but nonetheless awesome looking, this Alexander McQueen and Samsonite collaboration is part of the high-end Blacklabel range belonging to the bag maker.
Obviously designed with the human skeletal system in mind, the Hero, as it has been dubbed, also features a spine detail. I’m not sure if the design actually helps to protect your stuff any more than usual, but then, we you shouldn’t really worry as this is Samsonite after all. The case retails at about $750 and can only be purchased from Samsonite Blacklabel stores, details of which are on the website.

[Via Kinja]

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adminAlexander McQueen’s Samsonite suitcase
  • Jim Buster

    That’s very nice suitcase but bit expensive

  • Jim Buster

    O wow, I’m gonna buy it