Paul Smith sale

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I love Paul Smith stuff. I love Paul Smith stuff even more when it’s cheap(er). So I was ecstatic when I checked the website this morning and found out there was a sale on. Read after the jump for some top sale picks.

1. Informal Shirt (£81) – Every man needs at least one "proper" designer shirt. Paul Smith shirts are always flattering, so why not get one, eh?

2. Jeans (£67) – Reduced from £95, these semi-worn bootcut jeans are a bargain.

3. Star Brogues (£154) – I’ve had a pair of Paul Smith shoes for years and they’re not even remotely near worn out. These are a bit unusual, but they’ve got this "Southern Gentleman" look about them that I really like. You just need a white suit, a cane and an estate in Virginia to complete the look.

4. Polo (£35) – Smart Paul Smith polo shirt reduced from £49. Nuff said.

5. Raincoat (£228) – Raincoats always look quite sinister, which I like. Although I do end up looking like a flasher rather than the FBI agent I’m going for. Raincoat, useful when it rains.