Pete Doherty wears stylish but smelly jumper

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Bulbous headed smack bag Pete Doherty has been pinching the pennies by wearing a blagged freebie jumper all last week.

The merino wool jumper was given to him by Canterbury of New Zealand in a goody bag when he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show on Thursday.

Now, Doherty, usually dressed as well as a tramps armpit, decided to scrub up and sport the trendy black jumper on the show. Of course,
the following days, Peter (the bard of brown) was seen wearing the very same top at the Glastonbury festival. Not content with stinking of fags, beer, crack and dogs, there was time for another appearance for Pete’s new favourite outfit as he took Kate out to dinner the following night.

The scabby front man recently filmed a new advert for Roberto Cavalli alongside his now ex-fiance, Kate Moss.

Cavalli had originally booked Moss for the Ibiza shoot but asked Pete to take part too. The designer explains, "It happened quite casually. Pete was with Kate
when she came to Ibiza for the shoot. I was immediately struck by the
intensity and freedom of their relationship." Naturally, he noticed the love once he’d stopped heaving and his eyes had stopped watering. Pete Doherty? About as fashionable as crucifixion. [via]