Top 5 Apple iPhone accessories

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After months of sweating it out and over involving yourself in football practice, Wii and serious relationships to block out the angst, you’ve finally got your grubby mitts on an (imported) iPhone. You’ve had a chat on it, used it to surf for some porn, watched an episode of The Simpsons and even synched it to your calender, so you know when the next Rotary Club meeting is while on the go. But what now?

Now, my friend, it’s time to augment your new little machine.

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1. Apple Headset – ($129) – The iPhone’s bluetooth capability allows it to work with all bluetooth headsets (obviously) but Apple’s effort beats the lot, simply because it stops you looking like an extra from Star Trek.

2 – iPhone case – After the debacle involving the iPod Nano, do you really want to risk carrying your new baby around in your pocket, scraping up against your loose change? You may look like a pratt of smarmy, city-boy proportions when you whip it out to the theme-tune of Mission Impossible, but at least it won’t have a scratched screen. This one is pretty sweet looking though.

3. Transmitter and charger ($39) – Apple haven’t released their official iTrip for the iPhone yet, so you’ll have to make do with this one. Charges your iPhone and transmits your Johnny Cash discography to your car stereo.

4. Headphones ($99) – More of a music lover than a conversationalist? These ear-buds from Apple offer high quality sounds, but also lets you talk to your mates if you want. Personally, once I’ve got an iPhone, I’m getting rid of all mine. It’ll be the only friend I need…

5. iPhone armband ($34) – Want some tunes while you run? Conduct an important business call while on the rower? The iPhone sports arm band stops the little bugger getting away while you induce a heart-attack in the gym.