Transformers Tees

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I just can’t get enough of Transformers. It’s not even something that can be explained. It’s just the sum of a concept that sees giant robots that can turn into cars, helicopters, warplanes and even huge death rays, then battling it out in an epic battle of good versus evil… Oh my… I think I just excited myself a bit too much. Dethroner puts it much better than I can.

Ahem, anyway, a couple of weeks back I featured these tees from FCUK. Yeah, they’re pretty sweet as "reimaginations" go, but there’s nothing cooler than the original Transformers. Check out this design ($22) from, featuring Starscream, Thundercracker, Megatron and Soundwave from the evil Decepticons as God intended them to be. Nerdyshirts also has three other Transformer shirts, but all are limited edition, so get buying!