Amazing vintage digital watches for sale!

mofgimmers Watches 2 Comments

Albay6665000smallLooking at this watch shows how fun and innovative digital watches were back in the 80s. This particular one (the 1981 Alba Y666 Soccer LCD Game Watch) features a brilliant football game (soccer to US readers) which is, essentially, every boys dream.

Of course, games on our mobiles and PSPs have usurped all these things from the 80s, but the old games have a certain simple charm which is tough to beat.     This rare game watch was Made in Japan and it is in excellent shape. It features all the functions you’d expect (and they all work perfectly). As it’s a genuine vintage watch, it’ll cost you $109 from PocketCalculatorShow.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, there are loads more to choose from… but they’re selling quick! If that doesn’t fulfill you’re retro watch needs, there is the Nerdy Watch Museum to flick through too! Great stuff!