Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen fronts new A/W H&M campaign

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Scarfaced poker-villain Le Chiffre is the new face of H&M’s latest men’s fashion range. Well, not Le Chiffre, but Mad Mikkelsen, the actor who plays him in Casino Royale. Although personally I think more international terrorists should branch out into the world of high street fashion. Carlos the Jackal fronting Topman? Osama strutting his stuff in Next gear? Why not?

Mads isn’t such a big actor over here as he is in his native Denmark, but H&M are hoping he’ll make an impact with the new collection across Europe. I’m hoping he will too. It’s refreshing to see someone modeling men’s clothes who looks like a proper bloke and not the simpering, androgynous prissy boys who seem to grace most shop-displays these days.

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This more mature outlook from H&M is reflected in the clothes too,
with sobre and well tailored jackets, neat jumpers and classic suits
that are almost anachronistic, but cool with it. The overall look is
masculine and well defined, everything working together rather than the
mish-mash of colours and textures that has infected most of men’s fashion this Summer.