Daniel Radcliffe’s leather waistcoat shocker

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What is Daniel Radcliffe trying to prove? Who is he trying to prove it to? Older women? Hell’s Angels? The latest YMCA tribute act? Whoever it is, it’s just not working.

Ignoring the "edgy" makeup and cat-lick bumfluff, that waistcoat is obscene. It looks like he’s ripped it off Britney Spears and modified it a bit. All he needs is a leather cap to complete the look. Gaah! What were you thinking Radcliffe?

Keep reading after the jump for some waistcoats that don’t make you look like you’re auditioning for a homo-erotic early ’90s boyband video.


Topman waistcoat (£30) – Informal cut and textured finish make this ideal for a jaunt down the local. Wear with a white granddad shirt underneath.


Allsaints Russell waistcoat (£52) – Currently on sale, down from £75, so you can save yourself a few quid and look great in the process. Smart tailored fit, so you can dress it up a bit.


La Redoute waistcoat (£29) – A simple, marl, waistcoat, could be worn with pretty much anything, or do as the model does and combine with a black shirt and cool tee underneath.


Browns number 9 waistcoat (£180) – Why is it that the things I like best in life are always expensive? Clothes, cars, gadgets, sex. I just don’t have the cash to match my lifestyle. This browns jacket is kewl.