Gavin Pierre Medford to helm wardrobe design in new Jimi Hendrix biopic

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I’m surprised it’s actually taken this long to do, but film makers have finally decided to exploit the memory of Jimi Hendrix and make a biopic of his life. Do I hear the sound of Oliver Stone’s little mitts gleefully being rubbed together? I’m guessing "yes".

However, we’re not too concerned about the politics of how the film’s going to be made. We really just want to know if it’s gonna look good, and with Gavin Pierre Medford heading up the wardrobe design, hopefully it will. Gavin was winner of the "Best Street Wear" award at last year’s UK Fashion Awards and is an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion so he’s got the credentials behind him. Let’s just hope he can do the great man some justice in the fashion department.

[Via Catwalk Queen]