Topman skull plimsolls Vs Vans skull slipons

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I’m a sucker for skull designs on any piece of clothing. Whether it’s a throwback to my youthful days as a heavy metal head-banger or just a subconscious fascination with death, I love the toothy, empty-eyed grin of a fleshless cranium staring back at me from the fabric of my garments. Hmmm… maybe I do need help.

So when I saw these Topman plimsolls (right picture) adorned with pirate-style insignia, I was a little intrigued. Even the £30 price tag I felt was more than reasonable. But then I realised something. Wouldn’t I rather have a pair of Vans (left)? They’re only a couple of quid more (£32) and I know what I’m getting for my money. But there’s the rub, I’ve always worn Vans, so perhaps I’m not the most qualified judge, being completely biased toward them.

What I’d like to know is what you guys think. Which pair would you go for?