I want that t-shirt!

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Now, not many people this side of the Atlantic are going to know who this couple are, but I can tell you that the lanky fella is Amare Stoudemire a forward for the NBA’s Pheonix Suns and his lovely lass is some TV presenter in the states.

Not that any of this is important. What I want to know, nay, what I need to know is where he got that t-shirt. Look closely. It has a ribcage print on it. And it’s in silver, which makes it doubly ace. I’ve tried all sorts of keyword searches and come up with absolutely nothing. That makes me real sad.

So if any of you guys out there in your infinite, fashion wisdom knows where I can get me one those fabulous tees from you will win something very important… my undying gratitude. That’s something money can’t buy.

[Pic via YBF]