Beverage of the Week: Bond’s Vesper

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I’ll warn you now: Supping on this cocktail will not convert you into a suave and sophisticated ladies man or a super-tough action hero. In fact, it’s more likely to turn you into a slobbering, leering wreck of a man, considering the measures of alcohol used in this lethal, but delicious drink. Here’s the recipe from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

3 measures of Gordon’s Gin (75ml)
1 measure Stoly vodka (25ml)
Half measure of Kina Lillet (no longer available, so substitute with Lillet Blanc) (12.5ml or so)

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake until chilled and strain into a large glass. A large wine goblet should do the trick. Finally add a slice of lemon, don your tux and save the world from an evil genius. If you can stand that is.