David Beckham kicks off his new life in LA

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Brand Beckham
arrived in LA early this morning to a media frenzy, besieged by paps and fans alike. There are fears that the Beckham name won’t take off in the states – after all he’s a "soccer" player and she’s a jaded "singer" – but judging by the attention they received this morning, that situation is looking increasingly unlikely.

David has already filmed a commercial with an NFL player promoting soccer to a nation of gridiron fans, and if Victoria is a bit short of work she can always cosy up to pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to try and bag a role in their latest flicks.

Back to the actual landing itself, I think Dave looks great in his tunic-style military shirt. It kinda looks like something Mao Tse Tung would wear. Only it looks better on David. All that power and those despots still didn’t know how to dress, I tell you.

Anyway, if anyone knows where David got that fab shirt, drop us a line.