More Beckham related news: LA Galaxy strips

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LA Galaxy are hoping to follow up Real Madrid’s success in Beckham shirt sales. His former club sold hundreds of thousands of "Beckham" printed jerseys world wide, earning them millions.

Galaxy shouldn’t have too much trouble matching this feat. Much of the merchandising revenue came as a result of sales in the Far East, where followers are loyal to the man himself rather than the team. That’s why Man Utd thankfully lost a few millions supporters when Becks went to Real.

The Beckham name-print shirt, made by Adidas, is pretty neat looking and costs $80. It’s not available over here yet, so you’ll need to go to specialist sport shop, or get one on eBay.  Personally, I wouldn’t bother waiting and just spend my money on something more worthwhile… oh, say a Chelsea shirt?

[Via Uncrate]