Shoreditch House brings member’s clubs into the 21st Century

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Last week, for the first time in my miserable little life, I
considered joining a private member’s club. It didn’t last long – a
look at my bank balance soon brought me back down to earth. But the
reason I even considered such an extravagant move was a friend telling
me he’d been the guest of one of his mates at Shoreditch House.

Shoreditch House sounds a bit like your really cool friend’s house
when you were a kid, except multiplied by a couple of hundred. And with
a swimming pool ON THE ROOF. Hell yeah. It also features a place called
the Biscuit Tin, which is far better than a barrel of Bourbons. In this
area there is a bar, TV and "DJ facilities". Then there’s the Biscuit
Pin, which is a two-lane bowling alley with its own bar, and which is
available for private hire. Chuck in the usual member’s club stuff like
gym, sauna, games room, sitting rooms, lounge and numerous bars, and
I’d imagine the only reason you’d have to go home would be to sleep.

All of this can be found on Ebor Street in Shoreditch, east London
and membership starts at £500 a year for under 27’s and runs up to a
top rate of £900. The top level of membership means you become a member
of all the other houses in the group, which means you could stroll into
the house in New York and be treated like you were a regular. The
catch? You can only join through invitation from a member. So if you
have any Nathan Barley-esque friends you may want to buy them a couple of
drinks – they might be members already and be keeping it quiet…