Ten Bill shirts only ten bills

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I like clothes. I like clothes that look good. I like clothes that look good and don’t cost me a month’s wage. And that’s why I like Ten Bill tees. All of their t-shirts, as the name suggests cost $10, so that’s about a fiver for us lot. Okay, so you have to figure in shipping, which is rather on the high side ($21!) but even then you’re still getting a quality tee for about £15 or £16.

Series two of Ten Bill tees has arrived this week and they’ve got some fantastic designs, like the "eight-feet under" shirt that features a sweet killer octopus print. The other thing I like about Ten Bills are their "models". Rather than chiseled jaws and rock hard abs a la Abecrombie, they seem to go for jowls and a beer belly, just how real blokes are supposed to look…