Diesel’s futuristic new ad campaign… but some things never change

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Diesel’s latest "Human After All" Autumn/Winter ad campaign sees their models posing in everyday situations that wouldn’t usually make the average person bat an eyelid – a couple having a bit of a domestic, a delayed flight and a bloke baffled by flatpack furniture amongst some of the stylish adverts. Nothing none of us haven’t been through before, unless you’re a hermit. But all are set in a futuristic environment that feature flying cars, an accident in a cloning facility and trouble with cooking a pancake on a space station. Not so normal, eh?

The campaign itself isn’t particularly novel, I’m sure it’s been done before, but it looks great and is a departure from the terribly po-faced campaigns that you get with a lot of other fashion houses. The clothes also look great and I’m looking forward to when they’re finally released.

For more pictures, click here.

[Via Notcot]