Lost’s Matthew Fox is the tear-free face of L’Oreal Men Expert

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This may be old news, but over the weekend I saw two adverts starring guys from Lost. Cool Water are using Josh Holloway – aka Sawyer – as their swimming hunk in their latest ad, while, as you’ll see after the jump, Matthew Fox is fronting the new L’Oreal Men Expert ad.

Now, when I started watching Lost, my first thought on seeing Mr. Fox was "Hey! That’s the guy from Party Of Five who, like his brother Bailey, cried in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE." If you never saw Party Of Five you may think I’m exaggerating a touch. I’m not. Ask anyone. And then whaddya know, he joins Lost and before you know it the "crying while trying not to cry" face is back on our screens every week. And providing plenty of opportunities for humour.

I associate this man with crying to such an extent that seeing his
beaming chops in an advert feels kind of odd, like he’s been medicated
into happiness or something. And trying to get my head around the fact
that the thing that has him grinning like a loon is some gunk to
slather on his face, well… This is the guy who has spent months on a
deserted island named Freaksville – if he’s been near toothpaste I’d be
surprised, never mind magical lipid-enhanced lotions or whatever. Um, there’s a possibility I’m getting reality mixed up with fiction there, I’ll admit.

But no, for me, there’s something not quite right about the whole affair.
But hey, you can make your own mind up (this version’s in French, but
somehow I think you’ll get the general idea). Keep an eye out for the
clip of him battering some poor chump in the boxing ring just to prove
he’s still all manly like.