Paper Pilot: Educational AND fun

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If you’ve never built an Airfix model in your life, it’s either because you have the dexterity of a monkey with the DTs or were too "cool" to be seen going into Model Zone shop on a Saturday morning. For shame. You missed out big time. Apart from the fact that it gave me the opportunity to set fire to failed projects, it also taught me the importance of patience when putting together fiddly pieces of kit with obscure instructions – essential in this day and age of the Ikea flatpack.

But it’s not too late to recapture at least some of your lost youth. Paper Pilot: The Paper Airplane Pilot’s Manual (£10) gives you the low-down on 24 of the last century’s endeavours into flight, detailing the history and specifications of each plane in the book. And get this: When you retire to your study to "read", you can actually use the book to make paper versions of the planes featured. You can’t argue that constructing a Spitfire from nothing but paper and a craft knife isn’t manly…

Okay, you can, so if you’re really too cool for school, rather than making a paper plane you can wear one. This ace Paper Plane tee from Australian designers Plastic and Milk is about £18, and gives you a subtle way of declaring your love for the humble paper plane, without any detriment to your image.

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