Darth Vader kicks it old school: Adidas Super Stars Vader Edition

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If Darth Vader had been a teenager in early ’80s New York, then his kicks would have surely looked a little something like this. Even now he could probably do with something a bit more comfy than the big clod-hoppers he has to wear during an average day of Galactic Empire building. Then again, does he actually have feet? I think Obi-Wan lopped his legs off in Episode III. Answers on a postcard please.

Silliness aside, Adidas and the merchandising peeps from Star Wars have come up with the design to continue this years 30th Anniversary celebration of the original film’s release. The trainers feature the "Star Wars" logo on the heel, a "Darth Vader" detail on one of the tongues and the Adidas three stripe stitched in the same colour and material as the shoe.  Not too sure about the inner soles though. They’re a little too… disco.

The Super Stars Vader edition goes on sale later this year.

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