Justin Timberlake sports cool RVCA t-shirt

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Justin Timberblake was recently spotted wearing an awesome shirt bearing the RVCA logo (pronounced ROO-KA) shortly after picking up a cheque for £35 million pounds from his managers as payment for his 101-show tour of the world. And even if the Michael Jackson-mimicking lothario drops out of the tour, he still pockets the lot. Wish I could get a contract like that here…

Now with all that money in mind, you’d think Timberlake’s shirts would be hand-stitched by the finest, most skilled tailors in all the world, made from the rarest, unethical materials (like baby skin) and delivered to him by a horse and carriage made entirely from gold and diamonds. Then after he’d worn it only once, he’d burn it in front of a group of orphans about to have their care-home torn down because Justin just bought the deeds to turn it into a strip-joint. That’s what I’d do anyway.

But young JT isn’t that evil or stupid with money, because he probably paid about £25 for his shirt. RVCA have a great range of t-shirts from £20, with the Ben Horton design, shown above, (£27) being my favourite. Check out their other tees here.

Hmmm… wonder if they do one in gorilla fur…