Little Paper Planes clothing

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While trying to find a t-shirt with a print of a paper plane emblazoned across the chest (explanation here) I came across this gem of a clothing website. Little Paper Planes is a portal for a collection of artists selling t-shirts, bags jewelry and original prints of their work.

None of their work features actual paper planes, but fortunately that matters not. For what is on the site is a selection of original, surreal and slightly disturbing t-shirts. All are hand-printed on high quality American Apparel shirts and are dead cheap – $20 which is under £10 these days.

I’ve picked this scary flamingo print by designer Apenest($20), shown above, as my favourite choice from the site, but the range is quite diverse, so you should be able to find something a little less creepy. Also, check out Kelly’s blog, the owner of the site, for updates and fashion and designer news.