Fossil Perry East/West messenger bag

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Mmmm… this bag looks good enough to eat! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so taken with a man-bag before, although I’d like to believe that we’re moving away from that line of thought and can be mature enough to refer to  them as "satchels" or, as this one is termed, "messenger bag". Still, you don’t have to stop taking the piss out of your mate when he turns up with one on a night out. It’s a man’s God given right to do so.

The Perry East/West from Fossil is made from a supple but hard-wearing leather and features an inside organiser for easy access to all of your important papers and equipment i.e. the latest copy of the Beano and your Nintendo DS.

The bag retails in the States for $158 (£80) but unfortunately Fossil USA doesn’t ship overseas. Fossil outlets in Covent Garden and Oxford Street currently have stock, but the same bag is a whopping £160 – yes, sterling.  Best to pester any relatives or mates who are on their way over to the States this year and make them pick you one up.

[Via Uncrate]