Yoox sale now on

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Yoox have just extended their Summer sale and have slashed up to 60% off of their original prices. I’ve had a butchers around the site and come up with five bargains that I guarantee* you’ll love.

*Disclaimer: Guarantee is not guaranteed. But there is plenty of other stuff in the sale and I guarantee** that you’ll find something you love.

**Disclaimer: See above.

Bunker Sneakers (£38) –  Grey shoes and trainers seems to be doing the rounds at the moment, with Cult and Topman selling similar styles. These are pretty sweet for £38 reduced from £60.

Marlboro Classic foulard (£24) – I wouldn’t usually include scarves or neck accessories in a list like this, but I thought the design on this one was pretty neat though not everyone can pull one of these off.

Haute Jacket (£78) – Simple hooded top at a reasonable price. Pretty much needed considering the weather we’ve been having.

Grifoni Jeans (£44) – Lightly faded, whiskered jeans reduced from £70. Nowt more.