Design By Humans shirts

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Design By Humans
is website with a similar concept to Threadless – contributors submit a t-shirt design on to the site, then readers vote for which tees they like. Popular designs get picked up for production, while losing ones get consigned to the terrible, burning maw of t-shirt hell, where they suffer a fate worse than being worn by a really fat, smelly person.

Having checked the site out, I have to say that the big difference between the sites is the quality of the designs. I doubt that before the submissions go to the public vote they’re vetted, selected and vetoed by a panel of high court judges, so it can only be the readership that’s giving DBH the edge over Threadless. But then, perhaps that’s down to the former not being as well known which is plausible, seeing as they’ve only got about 12 men’s shirts for sale at the mo.

Of the few that they do have, this is my favourite – the Addition tee is $24 and available now.