Justin Timberlake look of the week

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Most girls would agree that owl-faced squeekster JT would look good in an old potato sack, so until that day I’ll look to him for some degree of fashion guidance. Ok, so chucking on some William Rast isn’t going to make me instantly irresistible to every woman I meet (or any woman possibly) but every little helps.

This week JT was spotted chomping with a couple of mates in some restaurant somewhere in the world. America probably. Not that it concerns me where he’s eating (even though those ribs look tasty… hmmm), I’m only here to tell you where you can get a similar outfit to Justin’s.

1. Trilby (£15) – Unfortunately I couldn’t find a trilby with the cool, stripy hatband like JT’s, but this one from Debenhams is pretty sweet looking and is at a decent price.

2. All Saints Waistcoat (£45) – Slim fitted waistcoat for £45 – bargain!

3. Eio t-shirt (£25) – JT is wearing a plain white tee underneath his waistcoat, but there’s no reason why you can’t wear something a bit funkier underneath. This white Eio tee should do the trick.

4. Carhartt Jeans (£70) – Just jeans, initt, but I’ve always liked Carhartt ‘cos they’re comfy and hard wearing.

5. Onitsuka Tigers (£60) – Can’t see his footwear (for all I know he doesn’t even have feet), but if I were JT I’d complete the look with a pair of Onisuka’s. They’re ace.