Top five football boots

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With the new season almost within kicking distance, legions of men around the country will be trying to contain their excitement and relieve their frustration by strapping up battered boots, slipping on stinky shin pads and making half-arsed attempts at warming up before taking to the pitch. Or their back garden, whichever is more convenient.

But no matter where you are, there’s nothing like stepping out onto the turf and feeling that first kick of the ball, then shortly afterward the first bone crunching tackle as your opponent slides in with two feet. The bastard. But you’ll get him back. And for that you’ll need some decent boots. Keep reading after the jump for five of the best footie boots for the new season.

Reebok Sprintfit (£125) – As worn by Thierry Henry and Schevchenko these are Reebok’s lightest ever boots. They also have asymmetrical laces for "increased surface area and clean ball strike", apparently.

Umbro Destroyer (£79) – The mighty John Terry’s boot of choice, so they must be good. Interestingly enough they’re made from kangaroo leather. I wonder if it gives him a height advantage when going up for a header…

Nike Mercurial Vapors (£120) – New Man Yoo boy (almost, once West Ham stop playing silly buggers) Hugo Tevez wears these. Gorgeous boots, butt-ugly player.

Adidas Predator (£105) – These caused a stir when they were first released a good few years back. Until then, no one much cared what boots you had. But the Predator’s changed all that and suddenly a kick about down the park was a fashion parade. Stevie Gerrard’s favourite boots.

Nike T90 Lasers (£120) – Despite being a stocky little goon-faced hunchback, Wayne Rooney isn’t a bad player. The lasers are especially designed for flexibility and protection, which Rooney’s feet need when he’s belting the ball at 90mph.