Koodos 65% off sale

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The greatest thing about this time of year is now – officially – the summer sales. It used to be stripping down to nothing but your shorts and splaying yourself out on the beach, relaxing in the beer garden with a jug of overpriced Pimms or just having a muck about in the park with a Frisbee.

But just look out of your window. Depressing, isn’t it? Never mind. Cheer yourself up by splashing out your hard earned wonga on some tasty consumer goods from Koodos’s sale, where you can save up to 65% on certain items. I’ve picked out five bits and pieces that I think might just make your day.

1. Nike GDO Wraparounds (£19.99) – You probably won’t get the most out of these considering that there’s hardly any bloody sun, but you can wear them just to look cool. Plus they’re reduced from £79.

2. Diesel series III watch (£59.99) – This watch looks like something that would have been "futuristic" in a 1960s  sci-fi drama. And that’s why I like it.

3. G-Star hoodie (£54.99) – Keeps the rain off your bonce, the wind off your body and your face covered for covert operations. Nice little reduction from £85.

4. Diesel Long sleeve tee (£16.99) – You can never have enough t-shirts. £16 for a Diesel top? Yes please.

5. G-Star Elwood jeans (£74.99) – These have a got a bit of a country feel to them with the thigh-high detail, but it’s cool. Jus’ break out the banjo and have a hoedown when you get them home.