Lost’s Josh Holloway speaks out for real men

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"Real men don’t wear pink." According to Josh Holloway or, as he is better known, the tortured and tortuous Sawyer from Lost. It’s something I’ve always known, but never voiced in fear of being accused of "not being in touch with my feminine side". Or whatever.

Now that Josh, quite possibly the manliest and, I say this with only a slight fear of ridicule, sexiest bloke alive, has vocalized this most rightious sentiment, I can safely say that he is, indeed, right.

‘I like black, white, green and the whole range of burnt colours – browns, oranges, yellows.’ Me too. They’re my favourite colours. All of them. Because I’m a man. A real man. Not like his co-star Matthew "Max Factor" Fox. He wears makeup.

[Via Now Magazine]

By admin | July 20th, 2007

  • StuartW

    Oh dear. I have a pink shirt. But I tend to say it’s “rasberry”, which is possibly even less manly.

  • Speaking of real men. Real men don’t read Now Magazine…..

    “We’d like to see him in nothing at all…”

    You should be embarrassed to post this. I was embarrassed you tricked me into following the link.

  • Sometimes “real men” need to take one for the rest of realmanity in order to spread the word. I am sincerely sorry for your embarrassment.