Oliver Goldsmith ultra cool 1960s glasses

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Whenever I visit 20ltd.com, I can’t help but think that it was a site designed purely to cater for Elton John, a man who famously spent £2 billion pounds on flowers in one week. I’m not doubting that the scarcity and artistic integrity of some of the pieces are truly being reflected in the price tag, but does anyone (except Elton) really need a silver-plated paper boat? And for £4,000? Or a £16,000 suitcase? Surely nothing that could fit in there would come close to the actual value of the luggage holding it. Unless you’re an international drug smuggler.

But I shouldn’t moan, because I’ve recently found these Oliver Goldsmith glasses which, if I wasn’t in the position of having to pay rent and eat food, I would buy immediately. Not that they’re extortionate at £680, a price people pay for more modern and less stylish glasses. Instantly recognisable as the pair that Michael Caine wore in the Ipcress file, these are a faithful reproduction by Clare Goldsmith of iconic 1960s eye wear.

Now all I need to justify buying a pair is to stare at the sun for a few minutes. I’ve got 20/20 vision…