The Fuego grill – it’s like a kitchen, only outdoors

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FuegoMe man. Me like meat. Me like meat cooked outdoors. Me like customisable outdoor kitchens featuring an aluminium frame that can accommodate up to six modules with grills, burners, warming drawers, storage, and refrigeration.

Yes, that disposable foil thing you picked up at Tesco’s on the way to the park is going to look pretty inadequate next to the uber-grills hitting the market these days. To your left you can see the Fuego grill, which will not only allow you to grill like a crazy grillmaniac, but is designed by one Robert Brunner. He designed the PowerBook among other things in his former position at Apple. The best thing is that the Fuego can be yours for only around $3,500. Oh, wait – that’s the worst thing.

There are alternatives. For instance this bad boy is a grill and a
table combined
. Amazing. You can just chuck your chops or whatever into
the centre of the table and then, when they’re done, just reach over
and stick them in your gob. I may be wrong, but I believe I could pass
an entire afternoon in such a manner. And it’s only about $1,600! Oh.

Appliancist has a whole heap of amazing models on display, should you
wish to torture yourself as you chow down on your microwave spag bol.