Uniqlo menswear sale – gibberish t-shirts a go-go

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Sales are great. Sales at places which are already pretty damn cheap are even better. So the Uniqlo sale is the betterest sale going, pretty much. I’ve always looked at Uniqlo as a poor man’s Gap – but in a good way, because I’m a pretty poor man myself. These days their lines are a lot more colourful, thanks perhaps to the creative types they’ve employed to liven things up, as we reported last month. When I was in there last night I found a lot more stuff I’d consider buying than the last time I was in Gap.

I picked up a polo shirt and a t-shirt for a grand total of £15, and you can’t say fairer than that. Unless they fall apart within a week, in which case I’ll do another post warning you off the place. I went for plain designs, but if you’re fond of adorning your torso with utter gibberish, they do a nice line in nonsense slogans as well (see picture of t-shirt with nonsense on it, right).