Dizzee Rascal at T4’s beach party wearing John Gotti tee

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Dizzee Rascal is obviously pleased to see us, but what I’m interested in is his t-shirt. The airbrush t-shirt is so Old School which incidentally is the name of his latest single (see what I did there?). If you fancy a similar tee to Dizzee’s then you can get your mitts on one for $60 US dollars, it’s a slightly older image of the man known as the ‘Telfon Don’ for authorities efforts to have him jailed but still has that spraytastic airbrush style.

I would recommend wearing it tight with a partially unbuttoned shirt on top so that your overall look is smart and clean-cut but you have the face of a dead gangster staring out from your chest. Nice. See after the jump for the Gotti t-shirt in all its airbrushed glory.