My other car is a phone: Porsche release new mobile

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Not as fast as a Carrera GT, but just as sleek, Porsche have released their latest model – The P9521 mobile phone. in another example of car manufacturers branching outside of their station (see below for related articles), Porsche will be releasing their phone this autumn. But at £800 a pop, it looks as though the consumers Porsche are targeting are in the same demographic as those who who can afford to buy their cars. It even makes the iPhone look bargainous by comparison (but at least the P9521 can do MMS).

The P9521 is a smart looking phone with its cut-magnesium body and minimalist design, but it isn’t doing anything new – mp3 player, camera, bluetooth etc. etc. Yeah sure, most phones aren’t really breaking any moulds these days either, but at least they’re doing it cheaper…

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