Nike SB Abington Palomino

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I’ve never been a huge Nike fan. I was too young to appreciate them when they were "old school" then when I actually started to think about my appearance in my teens Nikes were the kind of thing worn by the sporty lads in tracksuits. At that time I was a DM’s and cut-down combats kind of kid, a smelly metal-head basically.

But if these pair of totally awesome kicks had been around when I was thirteen (to be fair, they probably were) I’d have sacrificed my army boots to the God of Metal and had these surgically attached to my feet. These Nike SB Abington Palominos (£49.99) look like some kind of e-number-loaded chocolate birthday cake, but probably taste better. Either way, I love their geeky-retro look and may soon be the first pair of Nikes that I’ve ever purchased in my life.