Nike vintage trainers

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With Diadora going back to their roots with the Seb Impact, it looks as though Nike too are looking to reclaim the days when their trainers weren’t just candy for the feet, but also serious athletic footwear. Although in this case, Nike is going for pure authenticity, releasing a series of kicks that look like you’ve actually been running in them – for a good few years.

All the trainers in the vintage collection (£65) are based on designs going back 30 or so years and have been distressed to look as though you’ve actually used them for their intended purpose. Okay, you’re not going to fool anyone if you’ve got a gut like a sack full of spam, but you can always claim that they’re the remnants of your "glory days" as Croydon Borough’s 500m champion, then bask in the adoration that will inevitably follow.

[Via Uncrate]