Star Wars: Darth Vader’s party hat revealed

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I suppose all that black does get a bit monotonous, doesn’t it? When he’s not crushing rebel scum or trying to convince Luke to join the Darkside, I’m sure Darth likes to kick back and slip into something more comfortable. Although I didn’t think that something would be as garishly camp as this. From the looks of their badass uniforms, the Empire usually has that totalitarian-chic thing going. Their designer must have been having an off day…

Taken from an exhibition at ComicCon 2007, this is one of several "artist’s interpretations" that saw the Sith lord’s noggin-wear rendered in various colours and materials. This interpretation presumes that Vader was a lover of Van Gogh. I always saw him as more of a Monet fan myself.

[Via Wired]