Topshop pinstripe trench

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Topshop’s fine stripe trench is £70 and a great next step up from a hoodie if you want a more grown-up, smart look. Trench coats might seem a bit too faddish or trendy for most but they can look really stylish if you keep things simple; we’re not into style fascism at Brandish but a few tips will keep you looking good. Trousers should be slim cut and dark denim or a complementary colour to the coat; shoes should be either plain canvas pumps or brogue-type lace-ups.

If you keep broadly within these parameters there’s no danger you’ll look overdressed or fashion victim-y, but you can guarantee there’s always going to be some young whippersnapper rocking up in a trench, ridic sunnies, slimfit neon jeans and hi-tops who’s going to out-mojo your mojo. Meh, he’ll be working in a call centre in three years, don’t let it bother you.