French Connection autumn 2007 collection

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Call me ignorant, but does "summer fashion" really apply to men? Whereas women get all sorts of colourful dresses, tops, skirts etc., blokes are lumbered with shorts and t-shirts. It’s not really fair is it?

It’s why I love autumn/winter collections – there’s a lot more to choose from, simply because the colder months need more clothes to keep you warm. So you can understand my excitement when French Connection launched their new autumn range this week. It means there’s a whole new range of jackets, jumpers, shirts, trousers and a multitude of accessories to choose from.

Keep reading after the jump for my pick of five top items from FCUK new collection.

Twill jacket (£130) – There’s nothing like a double-breasted jacket to keep you warm through the wintry season. Smart enough to wear with a suit, this would also look ace worn with a hoodie underneath.

Len hat (£22) – A sweet alternative to a beanie or trilby. If you buy one, make sure you shave off your little goatee and remove those secretaries glasses to avoid looking like a pretentious prat.

Titanium jumper
(£65) – Wear with the the twill jacket and Len hat above for that "lock keeper" look. Or don’t, it’ll look just as good with a pair of jeans
and a t-shirt beneath.

Primate jumper (£45) – Is this suitable for all monkeys and apes, or just humans? Either way, it’ll look good over a white t-shirt, even if he who is wearing it has an abundance of hair and a tail.

Gable boots (£115) – Essential winter wear, canvas trainers just don’t cut it when you step in a puddle more than a centimetre deep. Considering the summer we’ve had, I could have done with these last week.