Bland Clothing

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No, this isn’t a commentary on the state of male high-street fashion. Bland is actually a fairly new clothing company based in the UK, the founders of which decided to start their own label after finding that they didn’t like what other designers had to offer, especially as so many relied on heavy branding. This was something that disinterested the company entirely, hence the literally Bland name.

What has resulted from those decisions is a series of impactive, simple and utilitarian designs that are anything but Bland. My pick of the bunch is the bLand of Hope and Glory tee (£28) which features the Royal Crest. There are several other ace shirts on the site, but I love the one shown simply because the steel grey tee with the orange insignia reminds me of a prison-issue garb… not that I’ve served any time. Yet.

If you’re going to buy one, make sure you enter the code blandnew on the order page, which entitles you to a lovely 25% off your first order.

Sorry, must dash. I think I hear sirens.