Skullcandy G.I. headphones

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Ever felt a bit self conscious about your white iPod wires clashing with your fatigues, or your headphones not looking tough enough on the battlefield? It’s a dilemma that every modern soldier faces in this day and age, where tech companies just don’t consider the fashion implications of their designs.

Well, no longer. Skullcandy has eliminated the embarrassment of being taken prisoner wearing, dare I say it, plain black headphones (strictly for Special Ops), and presented us with these beauties which feature speakers that swivel 90 degrees and are protected with oh-so-soft leather speaker guards.

Other than the urban camo colour way – with space for a couple of shells when you’re in the fire zone – the Skullcandy G.I.s ($69.95) come in desert fatigue (good for the boys in Iraq) and Rasta, presumably for Buffalo Soldiers…

[Via Gizmodo]

By admin | August 1st, 2007

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  • You are spot on. Skullcandy are smashing the status quo, plain black headphones are for listening to the golden oldies while you settle into retirement. I got some of the Skullcandy riders from the UK team to tell me what they think of these headphones, here’s how Jo Howard summed up the GI’s “…great sound and bass. Look pimp”. But he dosen’t think they are all that well put together. You can read the whole review here: