Monsoon Teacher’s Satchel

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Satchels and other "men’s bags" (I find the term "man bag" slightly unsavoury) can be awfully expensive – take the Fossil Perry Messenger Bag for instance. It’s an absolutely gorgeous accessory to have slung over your shoulder, that we can see. But, at £160 – £80 Stateside – a lot of men will have a problem justifying spending that much money on something they’ll probably just use for a few books and a carton of Ribena.

So I was more than pleased to see this great looking teacher’s satchel making up part of the Monsoon autumn/winter menswear range. I love the subtle colour scheme which is perfect for dark winter jackets, but I also love the price – £25. The satchel is big enough for a 15" laptop or a change of clothes, so it is practical for the price and it means I can finally shed my ungainly (and slightly smelly) rucksack.