Topman tobacco jeans: perfect transition wear

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It’s August and what does that mean? The shops are full of the dregs of sale items and we’ll be waiting until September for the new stock to come in. It also means I’m going to start banging on about transition wear, the clothes that carry you safely from one season t’other.
So not a very exciting month stylewise but try to think of it as a bit of fashion hibernation, carry on wearing you’ve been wearing all "summer" (so anorak, wellies and brolly then?!) and have a think about what you need for the coming months. I like Topman’s tobacco skinny jeans (£30), not too summery, not too wintery they’re a perfect item for the next few months. Wear them now with a white tee and canvas pumps and when autumn comes get all earthy with brown brogues, olive green knits and pumpkin/rust colour shirt.