Last Exit To Nowhere movie t-shirts

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Last Exit To Nowhere make movie t-shirts, but not one part of the design displays a movie title or recogniseable scene from the film. Instead they reference the flick with souveneir-style t-shirts of the setting, use corporate logos from fictional companies and feature bogus consumer products found only on the silver screen. For instance, to the layman, the Devil’s Tower tee (£17.50) looks like something a tourist would pick up from a gift shop, but Spielberg fans would instantly recognise this as the alien landing site in Close Encounters.

Other designs in the range include Omni Consumer Products (Robocop), Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th) and, one that I couldn’t figure out at first, the Ludivico Technique tee (A Clockwork Orange). My pick of the bunch is the Weyland-Yutani Corp design (Aliens), not least because it’s from a great film, but also because, when I wear it, I can pretend I’m part of a corporation responsible for engineering acid-blooded beasts. That’s it man, it’s game over man, game over!