Martin Margiela crewneck knit

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I almost melted into a puddle of knitwear-coveting goo when I saw this. This Martin Margiela knit is in a similar style to those jumpers that you find in army surplus stores, which I think are quite smart. The difference with this one is that the shoulder details are made from suede, and the rest of the top is a fine quality wool, rather than acrylic. I love the Ferrari red colour too, which will be perfect for the coming autumn and will look great layered with a smart shirt underneath and a black pea-coat over the top.

But I have a bit of a contention with the price – £245. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t be too comfortable handing over that many bones for a woolly jumper. But that’s all academic, because I’m poor as well as miserly. I just hope that H&M release something "similar".

By admin | August 3rd, 2007