Pete Watch: Doherty dodges jail… for now

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Once again, the artful dodger has avoided being sent to jail for charges relating to his arrest last may, when police found a range of narcotics in the "singer’s" car. But for how long? The judge presiding over the case has postponed sentencing, citing the fact that the smelly rocker has sought "some" treatment to combat his drug abuse, but refuses to completely rule out prison time when he reappears in court next month.

Personally, I’d love to see the little gimp sent down. Not because I necessarily think he’s done anything wrong, but simply because his existence and music offend my sensibilities. Harsh, aren’t I? However, I’m sure you guys may feel somewhat differently, so I’ll invite you to take part in our Pete Poll, below, and to leave any acerbic, little comments you might have in the appropriate place.