Reebok Halloween Pack trainers

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Hot on the tail of Nike’s Horror Pack which features kicks inspired by cult horror movies, Reebok look set to release their own range of gory trainers based on slasher flicks. The characters of horror that are to be immortalized in footwear include Chucky, the demented doll from Child’s Play, chainsaw-wielding Jason Vorhees, the psycho from Friday 13th, and, following in Nike’s wake, Freddy Krueger, the dream-invading killer of Nightmare On Elm Street fame.

The colour way of each pair of sneaks roughly corresponds to the killer-character’s garb. The Chucky, which I think is a Reebok Classics trainer, features denim and red patent leather uppers, as according to the living doll’s overalls and red top, while the Friday the 13th ERS, above, has a white, perforated vent on the heel, symbolising Vorhees’ hockey mask. Krueger’s Alien Stomper trainer has a similar colour way to Nike’s version although, once again, it features red and black stripes, rather than the red and green that actually adorned Freddy.

No news on the drop date, but we’ll keep you posted.

[Via Sneaker Freaker]