Roamine Gerome Titanic DNA watch made from the actual doomed ship

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Isn’t this just grave robbing? The Titanic DNA watch from Roamine Gerome uses actual pieces salvaged from the sunken ship to make up its casing, which itself resembles a port-hole. You can choose from several different materials, including a brass finish (above left) and the more authentic looks rusted steel (top right). All the watch faces are made from compressed coal dust that was found in the ill-fated boat’s furnaces and feature a dial resembling the gauges found within the boiler room.

And how much does this morbid bit of history cost? $152,435 to be precise. That’s a fraction of the cost of a salvage operation, but still a little too much for most people. I bet Di Caprio could afford one though.

[Via Techdigest]