MB’s Ten ways to look like a Total Toolbag

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Magnificent Bastard have compiled a wondrous outfit they have called "10 ways to looks like a Total Toolbag" and yes Crocs are the footwear of choice for this outfit. Taking such heinous items as ‘90s style Oakley wraparound shades and a mobile phone belt clip MB have definitely come up trumps. Their guy looks like the kind of person would be on a business trip and try to drunkenly chat me up at the bar. Even though he’s ten years older than me, married and hasn’t taken off his wedding ring or the picture of his kids out of his wallet. Although I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that in a slightly less buttery colour and slimmer cut I would give the thumbs up to the pleated shorts.

By Isabelle | August 13th, 2007